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Automated HIPAA Compliance System


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EPICompliance provides BOTH these REQUIREMENTS in ONE PACKAGE

In today’s government regulatory and compliance-intensive environment there is no room for error. If audited, you must PROVE COMPLIANCE. How will you do this? You do this by getting EPICompliance. EPICompliance offers continuously updated compliance and security administration documentation, employee training/education and certification. 

Annual HIPAA and Health Care Compliance Education Certification Made Easy -   Click image above for Video

EPICompliance specializes in healthcare/physician and business associate compliance where there are obligations placed upon you by more than several federal agencies. The most widespread of these requirements are: OSHA; HIPAA Compliance; HIPPA Security; OIG... and the list goes on…

Compliance is Compulsory

Remember: You are not protected unless you are COMPLIANT and can PROVE IT. EPICompliance makes it easy. We AUTOMATE your compliance.

At best, most people are familiar with these requirements but are unsure of the details... You must know and have access to these details. This is where EPICompliance comes in - our Complete Compliance Suite automates the process of government and regulatory compliance using unique and secure cloud-based Compliance Modules designed to protect your business and livelihood. With our Complete Compliance Suite you get the coverage you need: HIPAA; OSHA; ACA/Medicare. The process is simple and the peace of mind is real.

HIPAA Privacy Module

Comply with the intricate privacy rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Included in Complete Compliance Suite

HIPAA Security Module

Security compliance is mandated separately from privacy. Information also must be kept securely and protected from breach. Included in Complete Compliance Suite

ACA/OIG + Medicare/OIG Module

The Affordable Care Act and Medicare require unique compliance mandates that are enforced by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.
Included in Complete Compliance Suite

OSHA Module

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates health, safety and welfare training and policies for nearly every type of business.
Included in Complete Compliance Suite


It does not matter if your EHR/EMR is “Meaningful Use Certified” – if you or your office staff do not comply with data and network security, data collection and documentation requirements you will be considered to be in violation. See EPICompliance


Risk Intelligence Monitoring and Compliance Reporting Made Affordable Details..


  • Data-breach risk intelligence

  • Easily identify unprotected data and its location

  • Understand how an attacker would compromise it

  • Find out who has access to this data

  • Manage PII exposure vulnerability

  • Manage data risk

  • Prescriptive data analytics

  • Enhanced backup, patch, and AV packages

  • Provide remediation services

  • Satisfy critical components of PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other compliance

  • We help you understand your total risk exposure and communicate it in dollars


  • Satisfy a host of highly punitive compliance requirements that mandate periodic risk assessments and audits, including HIPAA, and PCI.

  • We offer a more holistic, data-centric approach to security that addresses unprotected data, regardless of where it resides.

Use risk intelligence to go beyond “reactionary security” and let us deliver real risk reduction:

Max Intelligence does not scan Network Devices such as Routers and firewall, nor is it as external vulnerability scan. The scan is local to the device.

The Data Breach Risk scan: The foundation of Max Risk Intelligencesk Intelligence It combines sensitive data discovery and vulnerability scanning with industry data to determine your breach risk in dollars.

What we look for:

(PII) Personal Identifiable Information

Credit Card/Social Security/DOB/ACH/Driver License

Access permissions and Vulnerabilities

How we calculate Risk:

(Data*Avg) x (Permissions)x (Vulnerabilities) = Liability $$

The dollar amount is taken from industry average cost per record lost in a data breach. These dollar amounts are taken from the average of industry research publications on data breaches such as Ponemon, Verizon and NetDilligence. These numbers typically include the cost of remediation for the event, legal costs, credit monitoring and other different costs related to resolving a data breach event.

PCI /PAN Scan: Used to satisfy the internal data scanning requirements of the PCI DSS standard

What we look for:

PCI DSS Compliance/Credit Card (PAN) /Vulnerabilities

Security Scan: The vulnerability scan performs a complete assessment of the applications and operating system to determine any known vulnerabilities that exist and can lead to compromise. CVSS scores are an industry standard scoring system for the severity of vulnerabilities

HIPAA: Out of the box MRI discovers concrete identifiers of PHI such as date of birth, SSN, and credit card numbers. Max Risk Intelligencesk Intelligence does not report all the linkages such as SSN plus Medical Record Number. The reason for this is because each medical provider has unique medical record number formats. The short response to this is that by finding at least one of those pieces of information you will likely also find diagnosis codes and all other types of data considered PHI in the same file.

PAN Primary Account number PII Personal Identifiable Information
PHI Protected Heath Information PCI Payment Card Industry

Flickertronics MSP (Managed Service Provider) Business IT Solutions


Flickertronics Managed Healthcare IT provides assessment, design, implementation, management, monitoring, and computer support services for all your healthcare computing needs.

As a Managed Service Provider it is in our best interest to make sure your systems are up and running smoothly at all times

Enjoy the benefits of a full-time IT department no matter what size your medical practice.

Providing Business IT and Healthcare Managed Services for over 21 years we believe that a Managed Service Provider should respond to your needs in real time, be available immediately for phone or for on-site response and to also guarantee trouble-free daily operations.

Our 24x7X365 local, live US based phone operators, all of whom are experienced technicians, are available all holidays as well as weekends.

What is a Managed Service Provider?

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This video series provides scenarios of some of the common risks you may face when using a mobile device for patient care. The videos explore mobile device risks and discuss privacy and security safeguards you can put into place to mitigate the risks. You can use these videos to help raise privacy and security awareness within your organization. We suggest that you watch the videos in the order below.

Can You Protect Patients' Health Information When Using a Public Wi-Fi Network? raises awareness of the privacy and security risks of accessing, receiving, transmitting, or storing patients’ health information on a mobile device in a public space using an unsecured public wireless Internet network. The video explains safeguards for protecting patients’ health information while in a public space and using a public wireless network.


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Dr. Anderson's Office Identifies a Risk

Dr. Anderson's Office Identifies a Risk focuses on one provider’s office and one mobile device risk. The video explains the importance of performing a risk analysis, developing a risk management strategy, developing and implementing policies and procedures, and privacy and security training and education when using mobile devices in a health care setting.



A Stolen Mobile Device

A Stolen Mobile Device reinforces the importance of proactively implementing safeguards when using mobile devices to access, receive, transmit, and store patients' health information. The video explores preventive measures for safeguarding patients' health information in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen.




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