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A Few of our Medical Technology Partners

Welcome to Flickertronics Managed Healthcare Solutions

Flickertronics Managed Healthcare IT provides assessment, design, implementation, management, monitoring, and computer support services for all your healthcare computing needs.
Whether your practice has one doctor or fifty, Flickertronics has the experience and skill to provide best-in-class Healthcare IT services and to provide Real - Time Healthcare IT support to foster your small or medium sized practice to maximize its IT investment.

It does not matter if your EHR/EMR is “Meaningful Use Certified” – if you or your office staff do not comply with data and network security, data collection and documentation requirements you will be considered to be in violation.

Enjoy the benefits of a full-time IT department no matter what size your medical practice.

Providing Business IT and Healthcare Managed Services for over 18 years we believe that a Managed Service Provider should respond to your needs in real time, be available immediately for phone or for on-site response and to also guarantee trouble-free daily operations. Our 24x7 local, live US based phone operators, all of whom are experienced technicians, are available all holidays as well as weekends.

Many of the Healthcare Managed IT services are available a la carte. We’ll work closely with you to make sure your particular needs are met. This means you have the flexibility to start with the managed IT services that make the most sense for your organization, and then grow with us as your needs grow.

Our Healthcare IT services help you with compliance for HIPAA Security, HIPAA Privacy, Hospital Contingency Plans, Security of Certified EHRS, Medicare Incentive Payments

  • Providing "Business Only" on-site support
  • Enable access to critical patient information
  • Improve performance of the EHR systems
  • Stabilize the infrastructure by restoring the ability to print and scan
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance, OSHA, ACA/OIG Complinace Consulting
  • Decrease exposure to HIPAA violation penalties
  • Restore access to the Internet
  • Decrease exposure to HIPAA violation penalties
  • EMR Consulting
  • Meaningful Use Consulting
  • Keep mission-critical applications running reliably and smoothly

The truth is, your practice suffers when your network is down. To keep it up and running smoothly - so you can focus on sales and growth - you need a managed solution that offers all the benefits of a full IT department. And there’s no more efficient way to get that support than with Flickertronics Managed Healthcare IT Services. We understand the IT needs of the medical industry! With Flickertronics Managed IT Services, you get:

  • Subscription Based services offer a number of different modules, allowing you to choose the services you want.
  • Affordable, pre-determined monthly billing that’s easy to budget (no surprises!)
  • Daily checks and ongoing IT support that prevent errors and breakdowns
  • Detailed reports and ongoing communication with your IT representative
  • A “Pay As You Grow” solution that lets you invest in your business’s future today

Here’s how it works

With a Managed IT solution, you pay one pre-determined monthly bill that, depending on our agreement, provides proactive maintenance of your workstations and on-site servers, data backup to the cloud, and help-desk support. We don’t charge by the hour because we want you to know exactly how much you will be paying upfront. At the end of every month you receive a detailed report which outlines any problems we fixed that month and what long-term plans we have for your network. We like to call our managed IT the “Pay As You Grow” model. With Flickertronics Managed Services we take care of your IT needs before a small issue becomes a large problem:

  • With our remote-monitoring software we are able to do daily checks on your machines to ensure they are running correctly.
  • If we find errors, we can remote-in to your PC, Servers or Network Devices and fix them
  • Best of all, most of this occurs without you, the end-user, ever knowing there was a problem!
  • It’s the next step in your business growth

The strength of managed services comes from the amount of preventative care that you will be receiving. Most companies are used to paying an hourly rate for IT service. As a result, repairs get drawn out to increase the bill, and companies end up waiting until the last possible moment before calling for help.

We believe that no business can grow without the highest quality IT service. But there should be no surprises. Otherwise, running your business preempts growing your business. That’s why we offer a set monthly fee that’s easy to build into your budget. Instead of waiting until the last minute to fix network or computer issues—which jeopardizes your business’s ability to operate effectively—you can rest assured that your system is monitored 24/7 by an experienced technical team.

Contact Flicker Thomas at +1 (800) 899-5350 for further details.


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This video series provides scenarios of some of the common risks you may face when using a mobile device for patient care. The videos explore mobile device risks and discuss privacy and security safeguards you can put into place to mitigate the risks. You can use these videos to help raise privacy and security awareness within your organization. We suggest that you watch the videos in the order below.

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A Stolen Mobile Device reinforces the importance of proactively implementing safeguards when using mobile devices to access, receive, transmit, and store patients' health information. The video explores preventive measures for safeguarding patients' health information in the event a mobile device is lost or stolen.

NOTE: The content on the Mobile Device Privacy and Security subsection of HealthIT.gov is provided for informational purposes only and does not guarantee compliance with Federal or state laws. Please note that the information and tips presented may not be applicable or appropriate for all health care providers and professionals. We encourage providers, professionals, and organizations to seek expert advice when evaluating these tips. The Mobile Device Privacy and Security subsection of HealthIT.gov is not intended to be an exhaustive or definitive source on safeguarding health information from privacy and security risks. It is also not intended to serve as legal advice or offer recommendations based on a provider’s or professional’s specific circumstances. For more information about the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, please visit the HHS Office for Civil Rights Health Information Privacy website.


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